Build a Model Railroad You Can Be Supremely Proud Of and Can Share with the Grandkids

building a layout with grandkids
Does the reply below sound ever too familiar? I bet it does!

“So I finally decided to get my railroad set up before the holidays. I have the grand kids coming over this year and I can never get around to building my model railroad. This year I decided to surprise them with a fully functioning model railroad with all the bells and whistles.

I wanted to build a tunnel and bridge that looked so realistic that when my grand kids see it, they will glow with smiles, especially when the locomotives come whipping out of a tunnel, siring it’s horn, “toot, toot”.

When I first got online and started searching for “how to start your first model train layout” and all the information I got was super overwhelming. I felt that I was getting trapped into all of the details without seeing the big picture.

The website was talking about abstract design, physical design and CAD model railroad design software… it was way too much, I couldn’t handle it.

All I wanted was some step-by-step directions to build a model railroad that everyone in my family can enjoy, including myself.

I started trying one thing after another, reading each tutorial several times and wasting tons of money on products that turned out to never look realistic.

The hills looked a mess, my bridge was unsustainable and collapsed. I wasted several hundred dollars and weeks of time trying things I learned from model train articles and forums on the internet.

I don’t even want to get into the track work and the derailment issues or powering the layout…

After a lot of trial and tribulations and I stumbled on very solid approach that helped me construct a layout that functioned properly without any derailments and also looked fantastic. I was very impressed with my final design. I can’t wait until the holidays this year!

Well instead of having to learn all the stuff the hard way and spend several hours everyday trying techniques that might not even work, why not just use a proven system?

I used this very well put together e-book that has an active membership section. It contains the winning recipe I used to build my model railroad.

Better get it before the holidays start so you can have a railroad you can be proud of before the grand kids arrive. Give them lasting memories with a realistic layout that expands the imagination and brings smiles to their faces as it goes through tunnels and toots its horn!

Don’t spend countless hours of time and frustration, instead use this step-by-step fool proof approach.”

Personally, the The 7 Best Ways To Save Money Building Your Model Railroad was the free bonus that helped save me the most, even though the other 4 bonuses were very good too.

“I have always been amazed and impressed with the craftsmanship and detail other model railroaders have devoted into their hobby. As a somewhat creative person myself, I have always wanted to design and build my own HO scale model railroad…”